A few resources

  • Equipment recommendations:
    • pH meters & buffers
      • pH meter Oakton pHTestr 5F - flat tip! Great for measuring samples in production, as you need only small amounts of sample which can be cooled quickly
      • pH 7.00 buffer - required for 1-point pH meter calibration
      • pH 4.01 buffer - required for 2-point pH meter calibration
    • Digital thermometer - 1.0°F accuracy
    • Refractometer - for jellymakers
    • - both 0-50°Brix and 50-80°Brix for single strength juice and finished jams - call for availability

  • Training recommendations:
    • Acidified Foods Manufacturing School - virtual, on-demand; satisfies Better Process Control School requirements for Acidified foods, but is focused on Acidified foods, without confusing material for low-acid canned foods.

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